Claims Management and Dispute Resolution

If you do become a party to a dispute we will work with you to achieve your objectives. That could be demonstrating contractual entitlement and position with exercises such as;

Delay Analysis/ Forensic Planning
Contractual Analysis
Quantum Analysis/ Forensic Quantity Surveying

The degree to which we apply each discipline is dependant upon the circumstances, so following an appraisal of your situation, we will work with you on the preferred approach to adopt. If you can articulate your position adequately and concisely at an early stage, it is often possible to reach a settlement and this can be economically advantageous for both sides.

In more technical and contentious disputes expert services may be required and we partner with planning and quantum expert witnesses. We also work with lawyers if a legal opinion is required.

If settlement is not possible, we have personnel who possess legal qualifications and are accredited in alternative dispute resolution (ADR). We can provide support with established ADR processes (e.g. adjudication or mediation) or as required litigation support from construction lawyers.

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