Commercial Management

We provide tailor made services to protect your bottom line

Effective commercial management adds great value to your organisation as it maximises your profitability, mitigates risk and the likelihood of expensive and disruptive disputes.

At Sterling Mason, we take a holistic approach to commercial management, not only focussing on financial reporting and performance, but other analysis and interventions that add value such as, contractual entitlement analysis, supply chain realignment, strategic negotiation, project controls, value engineering and risk management.

Being dispute resolution specialists, we can help you to develop or defend contractual claims and strengthen your position prior to any negotiated settlement, or dispute proceedings.

Adequate and timely communication also plays a large part in commercial management, as coming to a mutual understanding often requires extensive negotiation and appreciation of the other parties’ position. We will assist in any dialogue and the preparation of documents that concisely communicate your position and work with you to chose the best strategy to adopt.

We work not only on projects, but can assist you with commercial processes and procedures at an organisational level.

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